Pitch Deck Design

It Came Upon a Howly Night, Pitch Deck, 2021

Survival Skills (2019), feature film look book.

Logo Design

Logo for writer and director Cal Moreno, 2020

Website header and footer, 2020
PinkHatClub, Logo, 2021

Gilman Grips Logo, 2021

TRVL Designs

'Picture your Life' (2018), Fracture TV Advert.

Poster Art

Under Darkness (2019), A USC Graduate Thesis Film Poster.

The Last Whistle (2019), Feature Film Poster.

Messiah (2019), a concept poster for a TV adaptation of the Ron Currie Jr. book 'God is Dead'.

Blue Milk (2018), a USC Graduate Thesis Film Poster.

Number 2 (2019), KickStarter Teaser Poster.

Number 2 (2019), Official Poster.

Number 2 On-Screen Elements: Bass Drum Head (left), and Plumbing Banner (right)

A Dinner with Death (2017), USC Student Film Poster.


Yew SC Surf Team Logo, 2019

Pittie Please Rescue Logo, 2017

Brian and Amanda Bickell Foundation Logo, 2017
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